Research interests to grow

I aim to serve as a bridge to connect various disciplines through developing statistical methods and models and spread the concepts of statistics to the public.

Models and Methods with Applications in Neuroscience

A single neuron may encode information by fluctuating between two stimuli from trials to trials, or present a ’time division multiplexing’ within a trial. Such turn-taking activities presented by individuals are shown to present a coordination pattern in neural population. We aim to develop statistical methods and models to explore how neuron population coordinate to preserve multiple simultaneously presented stimuli.

Analyzing Health Effects of Chemical Exposure using R Markdown

We aim to summarize advanced statistical approaches for analysis of complex mixtures and knit them to R tutorials to make them accessible to researchers without extensive statistics or mathematics backgrounds. This will include online tutorials to introduce advanced statistical approaches to scientists and to provide examples of their use using national survey data..

Network Analysis

Dynamic network data have become ubiquitous in social network analysis, with new information becoming available that capture when friendships form, when corporate transactions happen and when countries interact with each other. Flexible and interpretable models are needed in order to properly capture the behavior of individuals in such networks.